Giving Back to the Veterans That Served Us

Giving Back To the Veterans That Served Us


James Lajudes Accredited VA Claims Agent & Life Settlement Representative

James Lajudes is an experienced accredited VA claims agent based in Galveston County, Texas, having moved from his birthplace in Miami, Florida to nearby Houston in 1979. The son of a World War II veteran who received four bronze stars for valor, Jim has specialized in helping senior citizens since 1979 when he began working in the personal insurance and finance profession.

During the intervening years, he has loved educating his clients on securing their finances to prepare for their retirement years, working closely with elder law attorneys. By 2013, he had developed a seminar on the subject that he titled “How To Protect One’s Assets From Spend Down In Your Retirement Years.”

He has presented the seminar countless times and is particularly proud of its practical help for senior armed-forces veterans, including their spouses and families, teaching them how to overcome the obstacles they will face when needing financial assistance due to age-related illness, especially the cost of nursing homes.

He says: “Education is the best medicine to combat these issues as I seek to protect my clients’ financial future in case they become sick and need in-home care or nursing care in a facility. My clients have the right to know the facts and the right to protect their future using all the tools available under law in this great country of ours when these issues arise."

Jim's father, Tony, never told him of his wartime heroics until four years before his death in 2014, four days after his 90th birthday. Jim has never forgotten that his dad received Aid and Attendance – VA Benefits – to help pay for his care and needs and, in an ever more complex world, he has committed himself to helping our senior veterans and their spouses achieve the same quality of reward for their selfless service to the nation they love.


Thomas Bray Senior Life Settlement Representative

As an army veteran with three years of combat service in Korea and Japan, Tom returned home to build a successful management career in the consumer electronics field with Magnavox, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, and Motorola Cellular while, at the same time, building a caring and loving family. As a result of Tom's desire to "give back," he also started a very successful career in the insurance field where, for the last 25+ years, he has helped many families protect their health and retirement assets.

Later, Tom teamed up with VETERANS ASSET PLANNING to help his fellow veterans with these same issues. Today, Tom leads Asset Planners (a division of VETERANS ASSET PLANNING) which has a primary focus on educating retirees (age 65 and older) about life settlements. This program gives retirees the ability to sell an old, unneeded life insurance policy for a cash payout (which has helped many retirees better secure their later retirement years).

You do not have to be a veteran to participate in this life settlement program.

Here's an example of why someone would want to consider a life settlement: let's say your life insurance premiums are too expensive for you, and you're questioning whether you want to continue to pay for the policy. You ultimately decide you no longer need or want your life insurance policy (or it might be a policy that's about to expire or lapse). A life settlement could be an excellent solution to this situation.

Here's how it works: You are 65+ years of age, and you have a $200,000 life policy. This policy could yield you $50,000 to $60,000 in CASH in just a few days. For someone with a larger face amount life insurance policy and who happens to be an older individual, they would likely receive a much larger cash settlement.

Think of the possibilities of having more dollars for your later years. A simple phone call, text, or email to Tom will start a very simple procedure that will have you well on your way to see if this even makes sense for you and your spouse.

You can call or text Tom at (713) 264-2426, or reach him by email at:

There is no cost or obligation to see how much money you may qualify to receive

from an old life insurance policy that you may no longer want or need.