The 4 Steps to a Successful Life Insurance Policy Sale

Below are the steps and procedures to complete a life settlement application.

  • Step #1:

    The client signs and fills out three (3) forms: A service authorization form that shows the details of the policy and allows us to speak with the customer service dept. on your behalf to verify all the form's information.

  • Step #2:

    The client signs and fills out  a simple form. It is only two (2) pages long.

  • On Step #3:

    All these forms are then packaged and sent off to the Main Company for your medical history. We call this procedure “THE REVIEW.”

After several days of "THE REVIEW," the bidding starts with at least 90 companies that want to buy your life insurance policy. These are the top 90 reputable companies in the life settlement business (mutual funds, banks, investment houses). We choose the ones that have the highest bid/cash payout on your behalf and send them to you for your final approval. Let me say it again...

You are in complete control of this whole process!

Once accepted, the final step #4 needs to be completed.

There will be four places for a notary to witness.  

  1. One page for the spouse to sign (if the spouse is still living).
  2. Another for the primary beneficiary signature.
  3. There is a page that the doctor must sign, confirming the insured is of sound mind.
  4. Then, two (2) designated contact people must sign. These are people the company can contact if they lose contact with you and need to verify if you (as the insured) have either moved or passed away. 

​This process can take one (1) month or more, depending on the timeliness of the client in getting us all the necessary information and completed forms. Once everything is signed, sealed, and delivered, you will receive a check or a wire transfer to the account of your choosing.

​These four simple steps are what is needed for you to complete this process and to help get you closer to greater financial independence.

In addition, we will be with you every step of the way. We will call you to go over all the forms, answer your questions, and make sure everything is signed and properly filled out before we send ALL the documents off for review. 

​The better and more consistent communication we have with each other, the easier it will be to ensure everything is completed and submitted in a timely manner, avoiding any unnecessary delays for you.

​This process WILL NOT be difficult for you; we are totally involved from the beginning to the very end. Our only job is representing you!

As always, there is NO COST OR OBLIGATION FOR YOU to find out if this solution is right for you and your spouse. 

Please, whatever you do, do not lose this hard asset!